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Waiting Room Etiquette

Karen Hoyt: There is no other time in your life when waiting seems so long as when you’re sick.

Clearing Up Confusion

RN Lucinda K. Porter explains new hepatitis C treatments and viral load results.

Healing From Within

Can holistic healing, energy work, yoga and meditation help your hep C health?

Major Health Disparity

How can we strengthen hepatitis C awareness in the Black community?

Lockers and Liabilities

HCV+ blogger Rick Nash writes about the difficulties growing up with an invisible disability.

Pack Hep C’s Bags

Remember: hepatitis C lives with you. You don’t live with it!

Hepatitis on
the Hill

Advocates are joining together in Washington D.C. to speak out about liver disease.

New Treatments, Better Cures

An expert hepatologist on new HCV drugs Sovaldi, Olysio, Harvoni and Viekira Pak.

Fatal Mix

Taking Sovaldi or Harvoni with certain heart meds can be dangerous.

Herbal Supplement Crackdown

Study finds up to 79% of vitamins in big-brand stores contain unlisted ingredients.

Budget Impacts

How can $1,125 per-day Harvoni be more cost effective than older HCV drugs?

Hep C Dispatches: CROI 2015

The latest in HCV research from this major U.S. conference on viruses.

WHO Issues Hep B Guidelines

Generic treatment can cost as little as $5 a month in certain countries.

Predictors of Treatment Response

How can we count on a successful hep C treatment? The HCV advocate investigates.

BMS Resubmits Daclatasvir

The first new hep C drug to hit the market since Harvoni could arrive by mid-September.

Hep Lessons: Liver Scarring

Hepatitis C can be cured in people with compensated cirrhosis. Here’s what to know.

Your Online Hepatitis Community

Check out what everyone's talking about in the Hep Forums.

Cruel and Unusual Punishment

Lawsuit alleges NY prisons withheld inmates’ hepatitis test results to shirk the cost of treatment.

Take Me To Church

New hepatitis B campaign and study targets Korean worshippers in Los Angeles.

Hepatitis A Ravages Syria

Local doctors are reporting 1,000 new cases every month since January.

Heroin Spikes

Wisconsin amps up needle exchange programs in an effort to keep HIV/hep C rates down.

New Hep E Vaccine Works

Though uncommon in the US, this virus is a leading cause of liver failure in the developing world.

Generic Sovaldi for $10?

An ‘unauthorized’ version of Gilead’s blockbuster hep C med is now being sold in Bangladesh.

Vaccination Struggles

New York State is failing to protect newborns against hepatitis B infection.

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Community support
“I’ve been thinking about starting this thread for a long time.  If you scan the forums, there are LOTS of great tips or other words of wisdom.  Problem is, all that good advice is scattered all over the place.  So, my idea is to have a thread devoted to just that good advice. No tip is too simple.  It can be something involving nutrition, mitigating side effects, role of exercise, psychology of treatment, etc.”
Bituman’s “Tips for Surviving Treatment”

“Have any of you experienced severe itching?  I have torn my skin up. It has gotten the the point of interfering with my work and sleep schedules. Will it go away after Harvoni treatment?”
mobennie’s “Severe itching”

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Hugo Rosen, MD, talks with AASLD about current and emerging regimens for hepatitis C treatment.
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