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Risky Mixes

9 ways to help reduce your risk of drug interactions during hep C treatment.

Treatment Details

From adherence troubles to insomnia and irritability, Greg Jeffries goes over his experience.

Blood Fear

A blog on worrying about infecting other people—and wondering if they can infect you.

Double Check Your References!

Rick Nash: Something’s off with the CDC’s estimated HCV rate for incarcerated individuals.

A Letter to Hepatitis C

“You are in me, but you don’t own me,” writes Matt Starr.

Road Trip!

Tips for traveling with advanced liver disease from blogger, Rick Nash.

Going Back
to Bed

Post-transplant, Karen Hoyt talks about the importance of rest for recovery.

Everyday Life

Walking through a typical day of hepatitis C with mom blogger, Kim Bossley.

New Viral Hepatitis Numbers

An in-depth look at the CDC’s latest hepatitis A, B and C infection stats.

Viekira Pak Cures 100%

Cirrhotic Genotype 1bs fare well on AbbVie’s new hepatitis C combo.

Reinfection Risks

Should injection drug users get access to hep C treatment?

Goodbye to the Boys on
the Bus

A veteran’s compelling story about curing his hepatitis C through the VA.

Mixed Results

GlobeImmune’s new hep B treatment lacks strength in Phase II trials.

Competing Viruses

HCV may actually inhibit HBV among people infected with both liver diseases.

An Uphill Climb

Will we ever have a preventative hepatitis C vaccine?

Treatment as Prevention

Scaling up hep C therapy among gay men in the UK halves new cases.

Your Online Hepatitis Community

Check out what everyone's talking about in the Hep Forums.

Hep Lesson: Hepatitis C Symptoms

Many people with chronic HCV have no signs of infection. Others have a much harder time.

China Rejects Sovaldi Patent

Treatment access activists once again argued the drug’s formulation is not truly innovative.

Obamacare Upheld!

The Affordable Care Act marks another major victory in the Supreme Court.

Is That Legal?

Veterans Affairs launches a controversial plan to outsource its hepatitis C care.

Treatment Access Victory

Connecticut pushes to make hep C cures easier for low-income patients.

Hep C Lawsuit

Massachusetts inmates sue the state’s prison system for hepatitis C treatment.

Prison Injustice

Louisiana appeals court denies federal judge’s call to release ‘Angola 3’ inmate with HCV.

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Community support
“Has anyone else had the situation of extremely high viral loads (11 million+) but low LFT's and other markers (fibrosis 1, no cirrhosis)? I've most likely had this in my system for almost 40 years, with no symptoms that I am aware of. How urgent is treatment at this point?”
New York Girl’s “Anyone have very high viral load but no symptoms and low other markers?”

“Today I received a letter from the independent medical review company, saying that the denial of Harvoni by Anthem had been overturned! It has been a hugely long process, but if you’ve had denials and haven’t requested an external review, I highly encourage it.”
BDK’s “Appeal, Appeal, Appeal”

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Inventor of Sofosbuvir discusses limited patient access to drug.
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