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Lucinda Porter

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Hep C and
Flu Shots

Lucinda K. Porter asked three hepatitis experts if they recommend flu shots to patients currently on hep C treatment. Here’s what they said:

Eye of the Tiger

The potential for millions to benefit from new hep C meds makes this one of the most exciting moments in modern medicine.

Recovery Tip!

Connie Welch recommends stretching and flexibility exercises after undergoing hep C treatment. Here’s why:

Can Hep C Be Eradicated?

A roadmap by researchers at the Weill Cornell Medical College and the National Development and Research Institutes.

Get Help Paying for
Hep C Meds

This Hep Lesson shows you how to use patient assistance and co-pay programs to save money on hep C treatment.

Dental Work and Hep C

Living with HCV and its treatment can take a toll on your teeth and gums, but Karen Hoyt has 5 tips to help keep you smiling.

Choose the Right Doctor

Considering treatment for hepatitis C? Here’s a guide to finding the best clinician for you.

Your Hep C Genotype Matters

New studies show higher cirrhosis and liver cancer risks for geno 3’s.

Coinfected? Check Out ‘3D’

Abbvie’s new combo regimen shows 93-96 percent cures for patients living with both hep C and HIV in recent trials.

Ingenuity Can Make It Happen

Mike Reitz of Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Louisiana on sustainable hepatitis drug pricing.

Liver Tests for Treatment?

Should we use fibrosis tests to determine who gets new hep C drugs or go with a treat-all strategy? Let’s compare the costs.

Faster, Easier Hep C Cures

Say goodbye to months of painful drug injections, side effects and failed cure attempts. New drugs are 90% to 100% effective and work in just 12 weeks!

Current Issue

In the current issue, hep C advocate Lucinda Porter on how she overcame hepatitis C and ended up helping others fight it, too.

Youth at Risk

Hep C, heroin and the prescription painkiller epidemics are all peaking among Americans under 30. Here’s how they’re connected, and how to stop them.

Sovaldi Discounts to Poor Nations

Gilead has struck deals with 7 generic drug makers in India to sell low-cost versions of the HCV med to 91 countries.

Let’s Share More Livers

Transporting organs across the U.S. by flying may be less harmful to transplants than previously thought.

Left Out of
Hep C Care

Under the government’s cost control policies, many HIV doctors are effectively excluded from prescribing hep C treatment to their coinfected patients.

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Community support
“Just looking for anyone else out there who developed non-hodgkins lymphoma while waiting for treatment. I had read in a few studies that having hep c increases your chances of developing lymphoma by like 35-40  percent. My 2 gastro docs believe this is true; however; my oncologist refuses to admit this was the cause of my cancer. Does anyone have any experience with this?”
Tammra’s “Lympoma link to hep C”

“I was born in 1948, healthy until a transfusion in 1975 which infected me with several pathogens, none of which I found out about until 2001 to present. In July of 2014 I tested "reactive" on anti-HCV antibodies. My General GP thinks I'm one of the young females who successfully cleared the virus, and thinks I  am "cured"  because of my neg PCR. What's the wisdom on this site?”
bp9191’s “Anti HCV positive RNA RCR negative-technical HCV antibody questions”

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Footage from the front lines
This video by Dr. Joseph Galati outlines the basic facts about hepatitis C, and a call to action to get tested and evaluated for treatment. Learn more about Dr. Galati at www.texasliver.com.
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