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Tattoos and Hepatitis

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How to Stand Against Stigma

Last week, Kim Bossley spent some serious time educating a mistaken ‘Cosmopolitan’ reporter about the ins and outs of hepatitis C.

Join The
Global Fight!

Lucinda K. Porter goes over the latest HCV stats in honor of World Hepatitis Day this Monday, July 28.

Alternative Medicine

Did you know that ear acupuncture can help manage the interferon side-effects of hep C treatment? Mike Barr goes over the science.

Tips — HCV

Connie M. Welch shares 5 ways you and your loved ones can help prepare for battle with hep C.

Video: My
Final Day

Joe Burke takes his final hep C pill on camera while reflecting on his past 6 months of treatment.

Real People, Real Stories

Want to know what it's really like living with hepatitis? Interested in sharing your own experiences?

Are New
Drugs Worth
The Price?

Want to know the long-term expenses of NOT curing the U.S. hepatitis C epidemic?

Gilead Is Raking It In

The new hep C drug, Sovaldi, has brought in nearly $3.5 billion for the pharmaceutical giant since it was approved late last year.

Risky Business

More than half of young injection drug users in the U.S. say they share needles, with 41% testing positive for hep C.

Not Side
Effect Free

No drug is without its risks and potential adverse reactions, including new hep C treatments. Here’s what to expect.

Hep C &
Bone Loss

Osteoporosis and fractures are a big risk for people living with liver disease and HIV.

Hep Lessons: Drug Addiction

Can you get help with a hepatitis C infection at a methadone or buprenorphine clinic?

Current Issue

In the current issue, hep C advocate Elizabeth Owens talks about grassroots activism, education and building up the courage to tackle the disease.

Black Community Fights Back

Friday, July 25 is the second-annual National African American Hepatitis C Action Day.

Is NASH The Next Hep C?

Experts say Nonalcoholic steatohepatitis could be the next big global health epidemic in liver disease.

Egypt’s Big Deal

Gilead agrees to supply its new hep C drug, Sovaldi, to the North African country for just $300 per treatment.

Tattoos and Hepatitis C

Arm yourself with these facts before you go under the needle.

Your Online Hepatitis Community

Check out what everyone's talking about in the Hep Forums.

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The community shares
“It’s been so long since I was even on one of these  Hep C  forums, because it was way too depressing, and not a fresh statement could be made anymore; we had heard them all! So after being away from Janus, and a couple other sites for at least 6 years, I bumped into this one, and so glad I did.  It's so upbeat, it’s so nice to hear about such wonderful successes, story after story.  And to be able to laugh, and almost cry on hearing that somebody had a runny nose, and a bit of a rash. Thanks for being here to spread the word of hope and joy to so many of us!”
Roger McGuinn’s “New to this Forum, Finally a Happy Place!”

“A little while ago, I found out I tested positive for the antibodies and I need more testing. I'm out of work right now and I have no insurance. I have been trying to figure out what I am supposed to do. What's my first step? I know I have not been feeling well at all and I suspect it’s related. Does anyone know what my first move should be? I'm lost, scared, and definitely need some help with this.”
stillcasey’s “Topic: no insurance, not feeling well?”

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Footage from the front lines
Philadelphia comes together on World Hepatitis Day 2014 to spread the message that we CAN be Hepatitis Free!!!
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Are you planning to do anything for World Hepatitis Day on July 28?

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