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RIP Natalie Cole

Her death may have been related to hepatitis C.

Clinical Trials

What patients need to know.

Potential Blueprint

The New York Times examines Egypt's hepatitis C "experiment."

Hep C’s Relatives

Scientists have discovered a new virus lurking in some HCV patients.

Cheaper Cures

Generic hepatitis C treatment is now available in a handful of countries.

In Darkness and Light

Matt Star, on dealing with the changing seasons of life with hepatitis C.

Pre and Post Liver Transplant

“I cry because it hurts. I cry because I’m happy to be alive,” writes Karen Hoyt.

Hurry Up and Wait!

Even after treatment, HCV still tends to make you hold your breath.

Legendary Rock Star

David Bowie may have died from liver cancer.

Expedited Review

FDA grants fast-track status for NAFLD and NASH treatments.

Protecting Americans

Most U.S. states not prepared for infectious disease outbreaks.

Jails and Prisons

Correctional facilities are ideal places to fight hepatitis C.

Cures, Cures, Cures!

Check out our list of 2015’s top hepatitis treatment stories.

Automatic Testing

Quest Diagnostics will now confirm positive hep C tests without a second blood draw.

The Case For Early Treatment

Addressing hep C in patients before they develop liver damage actually saves money.

Front-Line Defenses

Discussing nurses’ role in the prevention, diagnosis and treatment of viral hepatitis.

Your Online Hepatitis Community

Check out what everyone's talking about in the Hep Forums.

Financial Burden

Bulk of U.S. hep C treatment costs will hit by 2020.

Clinically Significant

Hep C drugs pose risk of drug-drug interactions.

Viral Crisis

Medicaid restrictions for HCV cures are creating one of America’s worst health disparities.

Major Spending

Here’s how much the U.S. government doled out for hep C treatment in 2015.

Continued Progress

Highlights from this year’s presentations at the AASLD’s Liver Meeting.

Profits Over Patients

U.S. Senate report criticizes Gilead for hepatitis C drug costs.

Being Alive

Singer and activist Sherri Lewis tunes in to hep C treatment.

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Community support
“Anyone have persistent pain or other throat problems post-treatment? My primary VA physician said the area looks like blister on the left side of my throat. He offered antibiotics, but it doesn't seem like an infection to me. I’m 12 wks post Veikira and Riba.”
Rick369’s “Throat pain”

“It is hard to understand at first the level of damage done to our lives by this infection. And it turns out that the little things in life, like using toe nail clippers and utensils are effected the most by this disease. I became obsessed with sanitizing, and now that I am free from HCV, it is hard to go back to sensible practices.”
Mugwump’s “What does being free from HCV change in our daily lives?”

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OASIS, a documentary about a community-based clinic and NVHR member organization treating current and former drug users for hepatitis C.
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