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On Organ Donation

April is National Donate Life Month. Learn more about liver donation to help save lives.

Google ‘Hepatitis C’

Why does the search engine’s new aggregation system say hep C is mainly transmitted via sex?

The Decision to Try Treatment

Despite the length of therapy, potential side effects and of course the cost: it’s worth it, says John Rickman.

The New Normal

Grace Campbell, on defining her new range of ‘normality’ through hepatitis C treatment.

Living With Liver Disease

Optimize the level of your self-healing through Matt Starr’s life coaching advice.

Hope With
Hep C

Inspiring words and inspiration from Hep’s Christian blogger, Connie M. Welch.

Dear Doctor, Dear Patient

How can hepatitis C patients and their doctors talk more openly with each other?

‘The Tumor Was Back’

Karen Hoyt: Treating hepatocellular carcinoma is like trying to plug a dam with your finger.

Weighing the Benefits

Are there any good reasons left to delay hepatitis C treatment?

Children With Hepatitis C

With up to 46,000 infected, info about HCV in the pediatric population is still disturbingly minimal.

Sleep, Insomnia and Hep C

Why a good night’s rest is critical to living healthy, especially with liver disease.

Treatment Options

Curing genotypes 2/3 with new hep C drugs is only cost-effective in certain cases.

Oral Vaccine

GMO corn could hold the future for preventing hepatitis B infections.

Janssen Quadruple Combo

Investigatory drugs cure 100 percent of hepatitis C genotype 1bs.

Viral Origins

How did HCV genotype 1 become the most common type in the world? A historical look.

Do One Thing

Findings from a new study on the effects of grassroots, hepatitis C-specific care.

Hot Spot

West Virginia currently has the highest rates of both hepatitis C and hep B in the country.

Gut-Liver Cross-Talk

Obesity-related liver disease is dangerously linked to a leaky gut.

Trained Immunity

Babies with HBV-positive mothers may actually develop better immune systems.

Your Online Hepatitis Community

Check out what everyone's talking about in the Hep Forums.

Paying Up

Medicare spent a whopping $4.5 billion dollars on new hepatitis C drugs last year.

Fallen Hep C Warrior

Tazo founder and tea ‘revolutionary’ Steven Smith dies of liver cancer.

Dream Team

The Blumberg Institute’s new hep B research program aims to develop a cure in 3 years.

Bollywood Fights Hep B

Indian megastar Amitabh Bachchan rallies to raise awareness in his home country.

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Community support
“Has anyone had issues with acne on this protocol? It started about 2 weeks ago and keeps getting worse.  I have major breakouts all over my face, neck, back and arms.  I've never had acne in my life!”
ekaraena’s “Viekira Pak and acne”

“My fiance was diagnosed with hep c and unfortunately is incarcerated. The medical care is awful there, so I'm trying to learn as much as possible to make sure he is being well cared for. He's been quite ill - liver swollen & painful, bruising, short of breath, bloodwork indicating liver problems, coughing, loss of voice, & last night was coughing up blood.”
msgreeneyes’ “Hep C and Loss of Voice/Hoarseness?”

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Hugo Rosen, MD, talks with AASLD about current and emerging regimens for hepatitis C treatment.
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